06/07/01 -   Lower fairing question from the states..this from Melvin melwanh@accucomm.net 

First of all I would like to say that I enjoy your website. I'm an american SV650s rider who just brought my bike about 4 months ago after a guy that works where I work brought one. A fellow bike rider told me about your website so I checked it out and noticed a couple of riders that had lower fairings on their bikes (pictures are attached). I'm very interested in purchasing one for my bike. I think it makes an already attractive bike look even more hotter. My question is do you know where american riders can get that very same lower fairing from and, do you know if the Suzuki dealership can install it for those that want it? 

I'm guessing that the owners of these bikes are out of England and maybe they're available in that country and just haven't hit the American market yet. I went to my local Suzuki dealership and showed him a picture of one of the bikes and was told that if Suzuki makes the lower fairings it probably hasn't hit the states yet. Do you have any information on this subject? Any information you have on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Suzuki GB sell the lower fairing with is the same as an http://www.airtech-streamlining.com/ Tryto get the fairing imported from UK or try the URL


09/05/01 - Update: Airtech full fairing now available!    Thanks for the info from natefreidig@hotmail.com 

An update to my previous email, Airtech now has their full fairing listed on their website, along with a picture of it on a red SV. Cost looks to be US $695. Here's the URL:


also, this (above URL) from Gary fujiig@hotmail.com :

Photos of the new AirTech Bodywork is up. They call it SVATX.

23/04/01 - Airtech full fairing update...thanks to Nate natefreidig@hotmail.com  

You've got a great website for SV owners, keep up the good work. thanks  

Thought you might like to know that I just called Airtech about your full fairing post dated March 8, they said it would be ready in about two weeks and they would update their website with pictures at that time.

23/04/01 - Comments on fairing and request for interested people to get in touch....this from Zunkus sspiteri@mps.com.mt 

I'm a regular reader of your SV site. As I've owned an SV650x since it's birth I can be considered as a veteran SV owner :O. I am very happy with the bikes performance and friendliness. 

May I say that I learned to ride on it, and now after about a year and a half, am keeping company with R1 and RSV mille chaps, ...just (when they're in a twisty road ridden area). I'm very happy with my naked version of the bike as I think it looks sexier, in fact my bike attracts more glances and admiration from the general public (girls) than my brothers' 2000 SV650s. He's jealous.

My only wish is to add a flyscreen to my bike. Personally I really like the Ducati 900 flyscreen, but they're very hard to come by. Recently I saw a BMW R1200c with a very nice flyscreen which I particularly like. I think the SV deserves a high tech looking flyscreen and not the shit that is currently available you really don't like them do you... . As I haven't found what I'm looking for designing one myself seems the only option. I've included a picture of how the piece should look when finished. If there's anyone with similar opinions please contact me on the matter.

bmw.jpg      altered_svx.jpg

08/03/01 - AIRTECH fairings - Thanks for this information from BrianB  brianberney@hotmail.com 

First, let me congratulate you on providing such a great resource for SV owners, and for those like me, people who are in the market for a great mid range bike, and looking for information to help them make the decision. Your site has provided me with just about all the information that I
needed to make my decision to purchase, SVRider also helped. I hope Suzuki realizes just what a sales asset this site is! nope....

Now the news. I was on business at the recent Dealers Expo in Indianapolis Indiana USA a few days ago. While there (perusing all the wonderful things that are becoming available for the SV and other models) I came across Kent Riches AIRTECH company stand. WOW is all I can say! He has a new full fairing that is just awesome! It gives the SV a look that is a cross between the Ducati Super Mono/SS900 and the latest Suzuki Bandit/GSXRs! While I could see that it was not quite ready for production yet (needed a connection to the wiring harness for the headlights), I imagine that they will be ready to sell it soon. There is a sketch (NOT a really good one) on their web site at: 



There was a flyer that they were handing out so I grabbed on, but, like the sketch on their web site, it doesn't do the fairing justice. I will attach a scanned copy of the flyer. Kevin, it looks soooooo good in the flesh (fiberglass?). The fairing has the dual headlights and the "Mean Look" of the Bandits, and the horizontal center crease in the body of the Ducati. It was resplendent in Red and looked great. It sounds like the price will be reasonable too, and the RRP is about US$ 695. I have some photos that I will develop and as soon as they are ready I will email them to you, if you are interested.

27/02/01 - Skidmarx SV fairings - thanks to Vincenzo vmanes@bushinternet.com  

I've just bought a fairing from the Ally Pally show (UK bike show in London) from the Skidmarx stand and i thought some of the people out there might be interested.

The fairing is in the M&P catalogue in white for the GS500 but they don't tell you that Skidmarx also makes versions of the brackets to fit the SV and other bikes. Mine is the yellow version and the colour match is nearly perfect although the guy on the stand said that it may well not be. It's very easy to fit as well and didn't take to long.

As for wind protection very poor. I've been to around middle England over the last month and not got much out of it, but for looks ,the business, other bikers are always craning their necks t see what it is when it's parked or as they pass by on the other side. 

I can't send pictures but a look in the M&P catalogue should give you a fair idea. 

27/02/01 - whaccessories information - this from Steve sa2001@yahoo.com 

I was looking thru some of my old links I had saved from last year and stumbled across this site which now has a plethora of fairings, including an "SVS" style fairing, for the SVX. I have never bought anything from this company so I cannot comment on the quality or service one way or the 


16/10/00 - Update made to posting of 25/08/00 below...

05/09/00 - MYSTERY FAIRING, ANOTHER UPDATE - Thanks for try Marty (mhuffman@mail.ci.newton.nc.us)...this relates to this post...

http://www.powerbronze.co.uk/Powerbronze%20Site/frame.html  this should go directly to the page on the power bronze site. the fairing is called the cobra if i am correct. it is under the category half fairing on this page.

(after closer inspection they are different. it close but no cigar.)

Image 1

AND ALSO ON THE SUBJECT....this from Mark (mark@markbrantley.com)...thanks very much..

I saw the message dated 30/8/00 in the Current Data from Steve regarding the mystery fairing on the blue SV... I think this might just be the source.. Check it out... Lots of different fairings to choose from... Pricing doesn't appear too steep either...

Wild Hair Accessories  http://www.whaccessories.com/

01/09/00 - IN REPLY TO STEVE - Geoff (kill@internetwis.com) kindly offers help....ta..

I believe that is a powerbronze fairing...I don't have time to check the site but I surfed it a while ago. Check it out. I will...

01/09/00 - FLY-DESIGN FAIRING - Steve (Steve.Scheinberg@healthcentral.com) updates us on his fairing search...

I did find a new fairing that I like so its no problem if you cant find that manufacturer. the url is http://www.fly-design.com and I think they're new, or at least Ive never seen/heard of em and i try to look for parts daily for my bike. (Dont tell my boss:) I spoke with fly-design today and they are out of stock but only for a month, (til 1 turns into 3 etc.) I'll be ordering everything you see for the sv on their site. I was smart enough to ask for a discount if i bought all and they said no problem, 10% off if i buy the 
lot. I figured on close to $1500 but this is painted, and its very nice looking, even includes turn signals. I'll list the prices below, maybe you want to post the url and prices (in u.s. dollars is what ive got) so that others can view these beautiful parts. that's what this site is all about..that and the forum of course..

- radiator covers : painted : 136 US $, plain : 93 US $; be careful they can't be fitted on the SV 650 S, because of the original fairing 
- seat cover : painted : 122 US $ , plain : 64 US $
- belly pan : painted : 227 US $, plain : 141 US $
- undertray ( double rear lights, indicators and all fittings included ) : 236 $ or 150 $
- rear mud guard : 170 $ or 150 $
- front fairing ( head light, indicators,screen and all fittings included ) : 656 $ or 570 $.

Fairing Image 

30/08/00 - MYSTERY FAIRING (AGAIN) - Steve (Steve.Scheinberg@healthcentral.com), like others, wants to know more about this fairing...

I saw a picture on your images archive page 1 that I will attach.. The email that is next to this series of pictures is a dead email. I'm wondering if you have any information on where I can purchase this front fairing? You have several pics of this fairing in your images archives, so I'm really really hoping you can help me out. 

Here's the mystery image

Steve, many have asked about this fairing and I've been able to find out nothing. Once again, if anyone can help identify the manufacturer of this fairing please get in touch as there have been many enquiries about it....thanks.

25/08/00 - FAIRING INFORMATION REQUIRED - John (jcurran1@maine.rr.com) needs some info....if you can help please do...

I've been looking for a nice windscreen for my new sv.....i found a pic of one on your site......which rocks by the way......but i couldnt add the pic to a post to ask who makes it and where to get it........so i'm hoping you may know .......thx for your time..........


If you know more info about this screen please send in the details.....thanks...

UPDATE 25/09/00 - it is, in fact, a Ducati Monster fairing, as shown in the posting below...thanks to Steve for sorting that out!

UPDATE 16/10/00 - I WAS WRONG - as John jcurran1@maine.rr.com explains...

An update on the post about the "Monster-look" fairing for the SV.....you put a post up for me dated 8/25 trying to find out where to get this.....it is actually "not" a Ducati fairing but a look alike......it can be found at www.redracingparts.com , it is around 175 u.s. dollars for the carbon and less for the solid....i'll attach photos for you. these photos are not on an SV....but they were provided by the mfr. to illustrate the installation...........thx for the help in tracking this down........

16/08/00 - DUCATI MONSTER FAIRING FOR SV - Mitch (mitchnkaren.kahl@worldnet.att.net) has fitted a Ducati flyscreen...

I purchased & installed the carbon fiber fairing for the Ducati Monster. It's only $220 USA and fits the headlight bolts & you just need to make 2 brackets which I did for 85 cents from home depo.

Image 1

12/07/00 - HOLESHOT FLYSCREEN IMAGES - Thanks go to David (2kips@seark.net)...

Several weeks ago someone had asked for some feedback on the flyscreen that's available from Dale Walker's Holeshot Performance Products. Well, I finally got my beautiful red '00 SV650 and bought the color matched flyscreen for it because I liked the unique, aggressive style of it - very similar to a Buell flyscreen.

The quality of the construction (the flyscreen is hand-laid fiberglass) and the mounting hardware is very good. The screen itself is also lightweight. One thing to note, the screen contacts the tach housing on the left side, but there's an adhesive backed foam pad included with the screen so it shouldn't get scratched up.

I was disappointed in the quality of the paint finish. The color is close, but it's not an OEM match like I expected. Also, there were several small blemishes in the finish. Overall I like the look very much and it was simple to install (a good thing since there were no instructions), but I would definitely recommend buying the black gel coated version and having it painted by a local shop. No doubt it can be done better and cost less than the $100 premium Holeshot is  charging.

As for how it performs - it doesn't cut windblast significantly, but it helps some. I bought it more for looks than for function anyway since I don't make a lot of long distance hops. I've included some pics of the mounted screen.

Image 1      Image 2      Image 3      Image 4

09/07/00 - WANTING SUZUKI LOWERS IMAGE - Steve (sha2001@yahoo.com) I have what you want...

This post is updated because I misunderstood Steve first time around.....

I am considering buying the factory Suzuki 1/4 fairing for my new naked SV. I have seen the pictures in the accessories catalog and on suzuki's website, but I haven't seen one actually on a bike yet. Has anyone submitted any pictures or comments on it? I checked your site but didn't see any so far.

Thank you and keep up the great site, it's one of the reasons I bought this bike and I haven't been disappointed. Here are a couple of pics of me on the bike.

Image 1      Image 2

Anyone got any pics of US SV with the Suzuki 1/4 fairing like this one?

07/07/00 - SUZUKI FAIRING - Good news or bad news? This from Tony (t.collard@talk21.com)...

Good and Bad news about the Suzuki fairing:

GOOD - easy to fit (1.5 hours), good colour match, reasonably priced, effective change in SV appearance - makes the bike look sportier and larger
(I love it), no affects on handling.

BAD - 7 week delivery (although TCP admitted on my emailing them that they were having delays on their production line).

PRICE - Ģ 209 incl. VAT, purchased through your local Suzuki dealer.

Pictures attached - judge for yourselves.

Image 1      Image 2      Image 3      Image 4

26/06/00 - HELP IN SPAIN? - If you can help Jose Luis (cdform@retemail.es) please do..

Iīm from Spain, and iīm looking forward to buy a SV650S. Surfing and looking for pics of the SV650S, i found your web, Congratulations!!!.

But I still having a problem i coudn't fix all ready. Where can I find different models of "carenados" (I donīt know the name in English), itīs the front of the bike that protects you from air. I find out lots of pics that have different solution, but i don't know if there were made by them or the bought from a builder. And of course can i acquired them form Spain?.

Well lotīs of questions with my poor english, hope i donīt bother you, if you can please answer i appreciate.

Well...if you read through this website there is lots of discussion about fairings. As for ones you can buy in Spain I do not know. If anyone from Spain is reading this and can help please contact Jose Luis...thanks..

13/06/00 - OFFICIAL SUZUKI LOWER FAIRING - Russell (Russell@gladwish.fsnet.co.uk) sends his findings to us..thanks for the detailed email...

I have just fitted the Suzuki 'Official' fairing lowers. I wonder how 'Official they are as the instructions lead you to believe they are made by TCP Aerodynamics? The quality is quite good even if the price is a little outrageous. The Ģ209 quoted in the Suzuki accessories guide does not include VAT. However fitting was quite straight forward and I photographed the fitting process to show how it was done, if anyone is wondering if the can do it themselves or not.

Most of the mounting points bolt directly to the frame using existing bolts. The only really odd one is the left lower, fitted to the side stand bolt for which a large allen key is required. The front top mounting is attached to the radiator lower bolt and is a little trickey to fit as it is a new bolt with a self locking nut that is awkward to tighten. This should be watched when servicing is done as many a mechanic may not be bothered to undo this lot to get at the spark plug! Some adjusting may be nessessary after fitting these bits as you will have to line up the fairing sides with the mounting points first, so dont tighten the mountings right up until you have done this. There are two air scoops to attach after the lowers have been fitted.

These are attached with nylon screws and rubber bungs with nuts in. The instructions dont tell you to put the bungs in until you have put the sides on but you might as well put them in first it will be less fiddly. Soak the bungs in warm water first as this will soften them and get them in the holes easier. The top nylon screw is, again, a bit fiddly but can be done with a small screwdriver from behind the fairing. Apart from that its just a case of tightening everything up. The pictures show all the mounting points and the scoop fitting. I didnt bother with a picture of the whole bike as there is already one posted on the site and it's the same colour anyway. On the whole the job took me an hour and a half, and the bike looks good, but you always seem to have the feeling that the bottoms are an afterthought as the joining point is so obvious. 

p.s. I gave up trying to swap for an unfaired model. I had a go on one thanks to one of your web site viewers, ( thanks very much Mark), and have taken to wearing a back protector, not so much for the protection as for the back support! Seems to work anyway. Let me know if this amount of info and pictures are too much and I wont do it again, I am well aware what it's like to get loads of e-mail and what a pain it can be at times.

Image1    Image 2      Image 3      Image 4      Image 5