Date 7th - 9th July 2006
Destination; Ford (nr Shrewsbury) to various point and back to Shrewsbury
Start Venue: Dinkies Diner set in a large lay-by on the A458 just west of Ford. Click here for map.

Camping Venue

The Old Swan at Montford Bridge. Here are the details.

Ask for Steve Parker

Map is here


Friday - Campers arrive on the 7th. Drink and make merry (this includes B&B peps)


Morning -Try and shake off hangover. Get some breakfast either at Dinkies or preferably the campsite.

10:30-11:00 - Daytrippers and Campers make their way to Dinkies Diner, get something to eat if required and get fuel from the BP station half a mile east of Dinkies on the A458.

11:15 - John starts to panic.  Try's to round people up and get them on their bikes.

11:30 - We start the ride.

12:30 - We arrive at Churchstoke. Take a break, have a bite to eat if not done earlier.

13:10 - Leave Churchstoke and re-start ride

13:50 - Arrive Clee Hills

14:20 - Leave Clee Hills

15:30 - Arrive Quatford. Take another break

16.20 - Continue ride to Shrewsbury and back to Dinkies for 17:00

Evening - Get an evening meal. Probably in the Swan and have a few more drinks and tell ever more exaggerated stories about the days events.


Nothing planned as such. Improvise. If anyone wants to go for another ride then let me know.


Disclaimer - Please Read

Please remember this IS NOT an organised event by a professional body (and therefore carries no event insurance). All riders and pillions attend and ride at their own risk.


Ride-out details

The start point is a place called Dinkies diner on the A458 just outside a village called Ford, which is just a few miles from the camp site. As you enter enter Ford you'll notice this large pub and petrol station on the left hand side. Good place to fill up and reset the trip.  Start point proper is Dinkies Diner which turns out to be 0.6 miles further down the A458 but this time on the right. It's easy to go straight past as the diner is located in a lay-by that's obscured by trees. Didn't stop for a cuppa, instead I carried on down the A458 towards Welshpool.

Welshpool is only 13 miles further down the road, I didn't bother to look for any useful stopping points although there were a few cafes that would do if you're desperate at only 15 mins of riding.  Turn south onto the A483 and pushed on to Newtown arriving with a total distance of 28 miles covered. 


Harry Tuffins at ChurchstokeThe section from Newtown to Churchstoke is more of a back road, this will have far less holiday traffic. A couple of villages to go through, Ceri and Sarn. Had an interesting moment when oncoming cars started flashing me. A farmer was moving a herd of cows up the road towards me . More twisty on this road but little greenery to obscure the path the road takes.

Got to Churchstoke after 55mins. Covered total of 40 miles. Stopped at Harry Tuffins, which is a Petrol station and Supermarket combined.  Nice big car park and a Cafe on the corner of the store. First rest and break.

Craven Arms pubThe next section to Craven Arms was covered in 14miles. Much more demanding. Lot's of tight twisty stuff and the odd corner did get over cooked  

Next it was a blast down the A49 to Ludlow. This again is a main traffic route and speeds are higher with wider flowing bends.  Turn off at Ludlow onto the A4117, This road twists and climbs all the way to the Village of Clee Hills. No idea how high up this place is but the view south over the Hereford plains is superb.   I then carried on the A4117 and started to descend again coming to a small town called Cleobury Mortimer. A quaint place that time has forgot. Soon after turn north onto the B4363 which takes you into Bridgnorth town itself.

Truck Stop at QuatfordBit of a pain this, as I'd prefer to be on the ring road. Turned right and headed through and out of the town back onto the A442 and  followed this for a couple of miles until I hit Quatford. Stopped here at a well known Biker/Truck stop. Total distance now covered 90 miles and two hours since Time for another break.

Headed back along the A458 to Bridgnorth, around the by-pass and straight back to Shrewsbury. This is a great road. Not as busy as the A49, lot's of fast sweepers plus plenty of elevation changes at the same time (think of Eau-Rouge at Spa). There's also the 2 mile Cressage straight (think of the Mulsanne straight at Le_mans). This road also goes through Much Wenlock and drops down the side of the Wenlock edge.

Back at Shrewsbury and I've covered 114miles  I think this is a perfect route, just long enough to satisfy most people. It will take longer to do on the day. Trying to get people on their bikes and sticking to a schedule is like herding cats,  the bigger the turnout the longer it takes. So I reckon a with start time of 11:30-12:00 and a couple of longer breaks plus factor in the cat herding variable and the 'I got lost' syndrome and we'd probably finish comfortably at 17.00 ish.


Ride-out Directions
  • start at Dinkies Diner
  • A458 towards Welshpool (13 miles)
  • At Welshpool turn onto the A483 towards Newtown (28 Miles)
  • At Newtown turn onto the A489 Towards Kerry and Churchstoke (40 miles)
  • Break for refreshments 30-40 mins.
  • At Churchstoke take the A489 towards Lyndon 
  • At Lydon take the A488 for 1 mile then back onto the A489 then A49 towards Craven Arms (54miles)
  • At Craven Arms take the A49 towards Ludlow
  • At Ludlow take the A4117 towards Kidderminster
  • Break in Clee Hills (67miles)
  • At Cleobury Mortimer take the B4363 towards Bridgnorth.
  • At Bridgnorth turn east onto the A442 towards Kidderminster
  • Stop at the Truck stop in Quatford for more refreshments (90 miles) 30-40 mins
  • At Quatford take the A458 towards Bridgnorth passing through Much Wenlock and Cressage
  • Arrive Shrewsbury (114 miles)
  • Head back to Campsite.


Montford Bridge and Dinkies start point  Dinkies to Church Stoke  ChurchStoke to Clee Hills  Clee Hills to Bridgnorth  Bridgnorth back to Shrewsbury


Some do's and dont's


  • The ride out will start at 11.30am. Before we leave ensure the following has been done.
    • Ensure that you have a full tank of fuel
    • You have a copy of the route
    • You have the emergency mobile numbers (07764 236371 John-Admin )
    • Bladder is empty
    • Nicotine levels can cope.
  • Marker system
    • Admin will lead and will have a hi-vis waistcoat.
    • Ed will ride as tall gun Charlie also wearing a Hi Vis waistcoat.
    • Everyone else should ride between us.
    • At junctions, forks and Islands, the lead rider will indicate to the second rider to stop and act as marker the exit/junction (usually by pointing to ground
    • Every one else passes the marker rider. There is now a new second rider.
    • Once the tail rider passes the marker, the marker can resume the ride and over take the tail rider.
    • The process continues, with riders rotating within the lead and tail riders.
  • Etiquette
    • Donít tailgate (beware SV engine braking)
    • Donít undertake
    • Try and park line astern at traffic lights and junctions to avoid congestion.
    • If itís your turn to mark, make sure you stay until the tail man has come through. Donít wander off because youíve got fed up waiting, otherwise the whole this falls apart.
    • Give other riders plenty of space.


Places to Stay (if you don't want the Old Swan)

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Photos from the day

Movie at Dinkies (23mb) Movie at return to camp (68Mb) Both 640x320 @ 30fps, hence the size  

From Kwak_ZZR


From Falc


From Quiff


From Blueflame


From Nic B


From Sid Squid