17/12/01 An update on tyre wear from Stuart Allan stuart.allan@uk.ibm.com

In addition to my email dated 09/08/01 re BT010 tyres I have now replaced the rear tyre for the winter. I managed to get 3500 miles out of it before it finally squared off totally in the middle.

05/10/01 - Kev dropped me this email with a tyre question. Stubedoo1@aol.com

Hi John, after fitting ohlins fork springs 50% improvement has anyone tried changing front tyre size ie:120/65/17 or 120/70/17? Thanks Kev I've not checked through the Archive.  Has anyone tried this? 

12/09/01 - From Simone Cooke - simonerulz@pei.sympatico.ca     On a personal note; I've just fitted a second Azaro 36a to my SV at 9546Mls. The first Azaro lasted some 4300 miles compared to the 5200 miles from the Metz... John

I just thought I'd drop a note on my experience with tires for my SV. My original MEZ4 rear lasted 10,000kms and the front stayed on for 18,000kms. I replaced the rear with a Bridgestone BT57 which now needs replacement after 11,000kms but really should have been replaced earlier because the belt is showing in one spot (I know it was stupid to push it that long!). I will be fitting a BT020 rear this week to match the front BT020 I installed at 18,000kms. It took me 2 weeks to get the new rear BT020 and it was the last one the supplier had. I'm glad I found it because the next available 020 wouldn't arrive until December! I'll let you know how I like the new tire and how long it lasts. Thanks John for continuing the work Kevin started.

09/09/01 - An opinion on Metz from Wee Geordie Gmbiker600@aol.com  I think it's whatever you feel comfortable with. Why is it that some GP and Superbike riders can't switch between tyre brands? Bad news on the ban, hope it doesn't last too long, I guess the winter is the best time to cop a ban :( JohnT.

Hi Kev I don't know what's all the fuss about tyres. I have put 13,000 miles on my sv and 4 new metz4's rear and 2 front and don't seem to have the problems every one else is having, I am due to get banned for speeding on the 20th of this month and I dont hang about on it either. I have been to most north of Scotland rallies and across to the Isle of Bute rally the Metz seem fine to me? AM i Missing something?


17/08/01 - Price of Azaro's - cheers Dean deandesforges@hotmail.com for the email....

Firstly ive got to say what a great web site! thanks...  I was told about your site from a friend who bought his sv650s, only after visiting your great work. He said that seeing news from all these people all over the world that it must be a great bike, so he bought one and loves it.I've owned mine for just over a year and was thinking of part exchanging it for a gsxr600, but no not anymore,im changing the dodgy metz mez4 tyres that i have on it for new ones.

This week i bought a pair of Azaro 2 tyres (seem best according to feedback) and will have them fitted Friday. I got a great deal, i paid 68 for front, 89 for the rear, total 157.So if you want tyres give these people a call CENTRAL WHEEL COMPONENTS on 01675 462264, Free next day delivery on orders over 150. I couldn't find them cheaper! I'll let you now what i think of the tyres in a couple of weeks as i average 250 miles per week.

Bye bye all over the place metz, hello happiness!

09/08/01 - Comments on BT010 - Stuart stuart.allan@uk.ibm.com is pleased with his...

just a quick note to advise that I have just purchased a set of BT010s at the weekend for 208 fitted for my 2000 svs. Out on a jaunt on Monday with a few bigger bikes (CBR600s, VFR800s and a speed triple) and they were well impressed at the speed and grip of the svs on the tight twisty roads in the Scottish borders and the lake district as I managed to keep up most of the time.

The grip on the BT010s even before they were fully scrubbed in was way more than the MEZ4s ever had. I am not sure what mileage I can expect out of them but I am aiming for about 4000miles, as I managed 6500 out of the MEZ4s

Keep up the good work on the site.

(Maybe it was just because my bike is red that I kept up, not the tires). 
oh yes...that's what it will be then... ;- )

29/06/01 -  Comment on Bridgestone BT57 & 020 tyres - thanks to Stuart Stuart.Thomson@nestle.com 

I have a blue sv and to date have completed 12200 km I am on my third set of tyres, stock tyres 6000 km worn out front and back - hated them horrible in the wet and not very good in the dry and a hard ride 2nd set BT57 about 5300km with centre tread left on the front but worn to the bars at the sides back tyre down to the bars in the centre bike handled well and predictable 

3rd set BT020 grip is superb front and back and super stable apart from over raised white lines and I hope for better life....

All my riding is on the mountain passes as I live in Switzerland so they get a hard life ( although I only weigh 69kg)

21/06/01 -  BT020's in use - thanks to Pete PFord@ramar.co.uk for posting

The primary use of my bike is for commuting. I have done 17,000miles on my SV650SY, consuming 1 off Metz Front and 2 off Rear.

However, I like to enjoy my bike on a weekend on the highways and byways of North Yorkshire (A65 and Devils Bridge) and I've never felt over confident with the Metzellers.
who does?

I swapped the Metzellers at 16,000 for some BT020's and found a huge Handling improvement, which has increased my confidence .....Knee down time to come !! I
'm running a BT020 front and BT57 rear (replaced now by the BT020) and like them very much - confidence inspiring as you say...

I'll advise how they wear in a few weeks as I do approx 500 miles per  week. 
thanks Pete

30/05/01 -  More on Azaro's - thanks to Ash rutlea@hotmail.com

I am having a reasonable run from my AV36 rear, 2500KMs (2000 miles) and it is about 1/3 worn. This is about the same as the original Metzler, I had a touring Pirelli Dragon GTS between them when I went on holidays last year for 2 weeks riding. 

I think the reason a lot of people wear AVONs out fast is they have the rear suspension too stiff for a tyre with such a high inflation pressure. Nothing wears the centre of my rear faster than riding on a concrete freeway but the next worst thing is having the preload too hard making the tyre bounce and spin over every little bump/pothole. Putting 40 PSI in the rear means it will not soak up the little bumps as well as a tyre designed to run at 36PSI. That's my theory and wear rate anyway.

I do stiffen things up at track days though.

30/05/01 -  Even more on Azaro's - thanks to Dave jo.turner@cableinet.co.uk

Towards the end of summer I had Azaro Supersport AV39/40s fitted, see postings last Aug/Sept.

As the rear lasted 1200 odd miles including a track day. In October I had a AV40 Sport put on the bike as a replacement in the hope I could get 2k out of it.

Not so. The bike has covered just over 1k miles with the Sport on the rear and is nearly down to the wear bar!

Having seen the recent comments from others on the site concerning excessive wear rates I emailed Avon. They agreed the wear was high and suggested the tyre was sent back for analysis. Since I asked how this would work in practice, ie would I have to buy another in the hope of getting my money back; there has been a no further response.

There is no doubt about it, they hold the road like glue, but I can't be doing with this wear rate!

I've ordered a pair of Pirelli Dragon Evo so we shall have to see how they do. Anyone with experience of these tyres?
if so let us know....

26/05/01 - Avon Azaro AV36 wear rate / customer service - Much thanks to Gerry gerry.mcgarrity@dundeecity.gov.uk for this info....

I've got Avon AV34 /AV36, and the rear has gone off very quickly.

Avon Azaro AV36 terrible wear rate I noticed a couple of e-mails re poor wear rate on the AV40, with Avon replacing the tyre. I have had a similar problem with a new AV36. I put a set of AV35 / AV63 on the bike at the 4500 mile mark, and found them a revelation, grippy, especially when cold, predictable and fun. What's more the rear lasted me another 5000 miles and the front was down to ~3.5mm (plenty!) Essential as I did 9000 miles last year.

So I think I must have found the last AV36 in the country last month, put it on an was ready for a summer of fun, but a small problem has reared its head. After 800 miles (2 weeks), the centre of the tyre was squared off to 3.2mm (Eeek!), with lots of small pock marks on the centre, about the size of pinheads (not the pointy, sharp bit) - kinda wood-wormy texture best describes it. I was looking at the possibility of only finding 1500 miles out of the rear boot! Not a happy camper!

Anyway - to the short of the matter. I called Avon Customer service and explained the situation, and spoke with a very helpful fella, (Ken Tucker). He was surprised at the wear rate, considering that the tyre started with 6.0mm, and suggested a couple of options.

1) They send me a replacement tyre, and examine my boot, or
2) I keep the tyre 'till it was goosed, then they send me a replacement tyre and examine the old one.

Ken preferred if I ran with option 2, as there would be no way of  establishing how long the tyre would have lasted once they got it to the labs. They also promised that he would not turn round and say "oh, you got 2700 miles from it, that's all you should expect, no free replacement"

I've now done 1400 miles (4 weeks) , tyres down to 2.2mm, and I called Ken earlier this week. He is going to dispatch one to me ASAP, and has 
asked that I keep in touch with him to tell him how the new tyre performs. I await the new boot with intrepidation! I'll keep you posted on how this develops, but nothing but praise for their customer service. 

All the best Kevin, your efforts are very much appreciated!   thanks very much!

24/04/01 - Avon Rear Tyre Update - Rich hot_ras@hotmail.com  is getting some joy from Avon...let us know what happens please...

Reference my earlier email about bad rear tyre wear (Azaro II Sport AV40) I have now got 0.5mm tread left after just..........738 miles!! I have contacted Avon and they are sending me a new one FOC, I just need to pay for the fitting. They are going to analyse the old one to see what was wrong with it.

So I can recommend Avon on the customer service, but I'll have to wait and see about their tyre life.

P.S. I was hoping to join in on the ride out but unfortunately it's on the same day as BSB at Oulten Park! Maybe next time.
sorry about that but most dates in May/June/July are filled with some sort of racing either live or on TV..

P.P.S. Has anyone read about the LAWBREAKER on the MCN website chat room. Very funny, in a sad sort of way.

18/03/01 -  Avon tyre appalling wear rate! - Rich hot_ras@hotmail.com  burns rubber...

Whats going wrong?

I usually get around 2000-3000 out of a back tyre (2250miles from last BT56). I've just fitted a set of Avon Azaro II AV39 + AV40. Handling is great even in the wet, but so far i've used about 1.5mm tread in under 250 miles!!! This cannot be right. Help!! 
you must be really thrapping it if you only normally get 2-3000 miles!! Do you do a lot of track days??  burnouts?  lots of skids? stunting?  apart from that use I'd say you had a defective tyre and to get it off quick!  Anyone else suggest anything? Makes my 5500-6000 miles from my BT56 look impressive....

18/03/01 -  Avon tyre warranty info - Thanks David davidpotts50@hotmail.com 

With regards to the confusion about Avon tyres and their warranty :- I fitted a set of Azaro's to my 1200 Bandit (I now have a black SV!) and the deal is this... if, after fitment, you sustain a puncture within 1mm of the new tyre's tread depth i.e. the 1st 1mm, you can have a new tyre fitted from Avon via your supplier. 

You must fill in a registration form when buying the tyres to qualify, but that's no problem considering the money saving potential! Plus the Azaro's are mega-light in comparison to other tyres thus reducing the unsprung weight (handy with (only) 70 HP available. Hope this helps!

18/03/01 -  The Ultimate Tyres? - Rory rorymcc@lineone.net kindly donates Pirelli Dragon Corsa info...

I put Scorpion race can on my SV. Less exciting power delivery as the hole at 5,000rpm is filled out (to the tune of 10bhp at the wheel-I have the dyno chart for the bike). I was also dynojetted by a race bike builder- Irish road racing nutcase (aren't they all mad!!!) John Donan.

I have just had Pirelli Dragon Corsa's fitted. The rear is a 180S - S for small, it's actually 170 - a tyre developed for Supersport 600 pre '99 Honda CBR 's which, like the SV, came with a 160 rear. This was the Domant Regal 600 (tuned bikes on road legal tyres) road racing tyre in Ireland a few years back. 

They give excellent grip once warm and the steering is superb. I have noticed a tendency for minor tank slappers exiting tight bumpy bends. I put this down to the fact that I have so much grip at the rear that I am probably getting on the gas earlier and harder that before. At no time does it feel out of control though, it just adds to the buzz of stalking the SV's natural hunting ground, twisty bumpy roads. On the quicker stuff the tyres feel rock steady and highlight the SV's biggest fault, the soft forks.

Although wear rate will proabably be high, I do like these tyres.

27/02/01 -  Avon Azaro reply - Thanks Stuart STOOSHMAN@carrotmail.com .

In response to a recent request regarding Avon Tyres guarantees, I have noticed in "The Big Bike Book" from Carnell quote "FREE replacement tyre if your Azaro is accidentally punctured or damaged. See Avon road hazard warranty terms and conditions".

Keep up the good work on the site. I have just purchased my first bike an SV650s in red with a lower fairing as well. I must say it was pretty much down to the info on the site.

05/02/01 -  Avon Azaro II Tyres Info - Thanks to Gareth garethsylvester@hotmail.com for this information....

Having read the wondeful reviews on the Avon Azaro II Tyres both on your site and from MCN, I set about purchasing me a pair. After ringing several companies I struck gold and, so I thought I would share it with the other users. 

The company is called FWR - it can be found in the MCN bikemart section, sorry I haven't got the No to hand - anyway I bought a AV36A an a AV35 for 150 including next day delivery - well I say a next day more like hours, I ordered them about 4pm on the wednesday and they arrived at 8:50 the next morning. The guy on the phone was very helpful, and it was quick and simple.

P.S I have one question I have heard a rumour that there is a company that you can register with, if you have Avon tyres and if the tyres default within a year, you can get replacements, is this true? 
anyone know??

22/01/01 - Avon Azaros...some feedback - Thanks Michael michaelsawyers@onetel.net.uk ...

I have fitted Avon Azaros and the difference is huge. No more understeer and it goes just where you want it to. good...  Sadly it was just after I threw it down the track at Lydden when the front went....  ah...not so good...

Happy new year Kevin.
ok...so this posting is a bit late! Thanks again for your efforts. Are we going to get together again this year? If we do, can we come south a bit? yes...see the Forum, thread 1076

27/11/00 - BRIDGESTONE SPORT TYRE LINEUP  - A.Tam antam@excite.com sends in this information from the States

According to Bridgestone's advertisements and information from the magazines on this side of the pond, the Bridgestone tire lineup is as follows:

1) BT56SS/BT56 = supersport/high-performance
2) BT010 = sport performance
3) BT020 = sport touring

I believe I read something regarding Bridgestone offering a new replacement to the BT56 tires in the coming months but until then, the BT56s are still allegedly the cream of the crop on Bridgestone's tire menu. With the BT010, I think Bridgestone wanted to offer a new tire that bridged the gap between the high mileage characteristics of a sport touring tire and the maximum grip but poor wear of the BT56.

P.S. Lots of good information on your site. I linked to it from
www.svrider.com Many thanks for that...

31/10/00 - BT010, K&N FILTER AND CHEAP FRONT BRAKE LEVEL  - thanks to Bart sv_biker@hotmail.com for the info ...

I'm Back With some news from the BT010, K&N filter and very useful cheaper front brake lever.

The BT010 are holding out very well, I did 1000Km and the rear lost 1 mm and the front lost 0,8 mm. The handling still is like in the beginning, they stick to the ground like I told you in the previous mail.

I asked my dealer for some information for the K&N filter for the UK.  It should be available. There is one small problem , I could take up to 4 weeks for delivery, I have to wait some 3 more weeks.

Last thursday I had to lay my bike on it's side, I slipped with the font wheel during braking on some stones on the road. I was able to stop the bike, but  it was leaning over to much. The only thing that is damaged on the bike is the font brake lever and some very small scratches on the lower fearing. The BOS exhaust has no damage at all. The front brake lever has broken, so it is time for a new one. I asked my SUZUKI dealer for the price and is was 2500BEF (1=67BEF). I also asked a KAWASAKI Dealer ( a friend of mine) and the new ZX9R got the same and it only costs 1950 BEF. That is 1/5 less.

The last item could be useful to you all if you need parts , try to find some other bikes and dealers that are cheaper.

If you are interested and the readers to we could gather information on parts from other brands or bikes that are cheaper. Yep, if I get enough I'll post a list...

28/10/00 - CONFUSION OVER BRIDGESTONE TYRES?  - No name here (guzhill123@netzero.net) but he/she makes a point...

I was wondering why people were still under the assumption that BT-010's were somehow superior in performance to the 56's. Has anyone been paying attention? I can pick up any American bike publication and find a Bridgestone advertisement that will tell you that the 010's are a sport touring tire. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt.

I thought the 020 was sport/touring and the 010 sport..if the advertising didn't mean to give this message out then they got it wrong..am i alone on this or do others think the 010 was a sports tyre?

28/10/00 - FEEDBACK ON PIRELLI TYRES  - Thanks to Olivier (ocaylus@voila.fr) for this...

Bonjour ! After 9000km of relatively satisfying service, my stock mez4 rear tyre was too worn to enter the Parisian rainy season (about 8 months...). I wanted to change for a D207 but was warned about the bad combination between a hard front mez4 and a soft rear dunlop. So I bought their recommandation and a Pirelli Dragon GTS MTR 24 rear

I just learn a few critics on this tyre on wet conditions, but I also read that it was a good compromise between wear and grip. Has anyone experienced this tyre and can give us more information about it ?

25/10/00 - NOT HAPPY WITH METZ  - Yet another rider explains why...this time it's Grant (GBaker@madison.co.nz) turn...

Having just come out of the Southern hemisphere winter (ok, ok, so we're heading into crap weather and freezing cold!! lol) I noticed that pumping a few extra pounds above the recommended levels helped the metz4's behave a bit better in the cold/wet. They had no show of getting any heat in them during winter. Anyone care to explain if it's just me or this makes sense...?

11,000k's on these things and I still don;t feel confident on them tho. They are being replaced with BT020's.

I've been ridding now for over 14 years and I have never know a tyre to behave as strangely as the Metz4's do. They seem to go through stages of being slippery, gripping well then sliding when hot. Often though to  myself "Did I just drive through some diesel..?".... they are gone, but the extra pressure seemed to help. many have found this and my first change from Metz to Bridgestone was a great improvement...

25/10/00 - AZARO SUPERSPORT WEAR  - Dave (dave_turner@cableinet.co.uk) reports back...

Ref your entry on the SV web site 18/8/00 concerning Azaro Supersport wear I had the rear changed this week at 1273 miles, this includes a track day, so the estimate of 1500 was not far out. Got an Azaro Sport this time...might see 2500?   Only 1273!! They must grip like hell for that little milage!

26/09/00 - BT020 FEEDBACK  - Ian (ian@luty68.freeserve.co.uk) sends us this feedback on his Bridgestone BT020's...thank you...

If anyone is doing high mileage , commuting or touring ,I can strongly recommed BT 020 front and rear. I had the rear fitted at 12779 miles and currently has 17855 miles on and it has only used just under 3mm of tread. It still has just under 4mm left yet!!

The 3mm used included a 800 mile blast from Scarborough to Dover and back - mostly motorway - ,and also a 1500 mile thrash round Scotland for a week. At this currant wear rate I should see the far side of 8000 miles before it dies...     By the way, my svs is ridden fairly hard due to having a G-Force can fitted (read deep and loud!)

The tyre is off the edge , both sides, due the roads in Scotland being the best in the world. So it's nice and sticky on the edges but harder in the middle for touring....

Keep up the excellent site and I'll sent some pictures as soon as my bike is clean...

01/09/00 - FURTHER UPDATE ON AVON AZARO'S  - thanks for the ongoing commentary Dave (dave_turner@cableinet.co.uk)...

For those of you that have seen my previous stuff about the Avon Azaro2 SuperSport and their life expectancy....I'm afraid we will never know...unless someone else tries it out.......

No, I haven't written the bike off!... I could have done a zillion times yesterday though.

Me and my mate Chris went to a Track Day at Donnington. Great fun for me, I don't think the tyres enjoyed it much though!

I had covered 360 miles on the road on the rear before the Track Day and 106 miles on the day, and frankly front and rear have had it. So we won't know how many road miles they would have done.

At one stage I came in after a session to see the rubber on the rear had "run" down the tread like very badly applied paint! Now they have cooled down they look like they have been painted with very, very badly applied car underseal. See attached photo of the rear tyre, which really doesn't do the inflicted damage justice.

The front too is melted with expanded polystyrene like "bobbles" around the extremities of the tread edge.

It has to be said though the tyres we exemplary as was the handling of the little SVS.

We didn't smash our bikes up, plenty of others did. I had a bit of trouble keeping up with some of the 150bhp Sports Bikes though, but that's a different story............

Image 1      Image 2

25/08/00 - FEEDBACK ON BRIDGESTONE BT020 REAR - Phil (Phil.Davis@international.mclaren.co.uk) sends in good feedback...thanks...

Just popped back to offer a bit more advice.

I've just worn out the original Mez3 rear tyre in 4500 mls. My SV is the unfaired version by the way, and it gets a hard time ! I decided to go for a Bridgestone Bt020, same size fitment Paid 107 fitted, 15 cheaper than a metzeler, which helped swing the decision.
I paid 126 fitted for my BT27 :-(

First reports are that the tyre has given me far more increased confidence when leaning over. I have a 'test' roundabout on my way home from work. When the metz was 
new, i could get the peg down, but it felt 'on the edge'. With the bt020 ,i can scrape it all the way round and it feels like its stuck to the road. However, i have noticed more straightline instability, but only at high (100+) speeds. i'm happy with this trade-off though.

Incidentally, going from a worn-squared off metz to a new tyre changed the feel of the bike dramatically in itself, so i'm trying to be objective. I found this too, it actually made more difference to me than the change of compound.

Also, in my experience, as the tyre gets older and the tread is thinner it gets more flex in it. I find that increasing the pressure to a max of about 50psi (yes really) makes a big difference. Only do this when the tread is below 3mm though. and the recommended pressure is 36psi...that's a big difference, I'd be wary of this personally but if it works for you then great..! 

18/08/00 - REPLY TO TYE WEAR COMMENTS - Dave (David.Lear@cwcom.co.uk) says...

Dave estimates his tyre wear to be 1500 based upon the first 1mm mileage. I read somewhere that tyres wear much faster for the first 2mm than they do for the rest and hence this would be an inaccurate method of estimating tyre life. 

The article did not give an explanation of why the initial wear was higher and so I do not know if it is true, maybe someone can experiment taking regular measurements and mileage.
If anyone does send it in...

18/08/00 - WHEN TO REPLACE? - Andrew (andrew_hunt@madasafish.com) asks...

This is a very simple question, but I hope it's not too trivial to answer briefly. I bought a second-hand SV650S through a dealer recently, and love it. However, I'm relatively new to biking and I'm aware that I don't know enough about what I'm sitting on! 

What I'd like to know right now is how to decide when tyres need changing - I'm a bit wary of asking dealers etc. as I'm sure I'll be told that they need changing anyway, but at the same time the rear in particular looks less than fresh. How many miles can tyres typically be expected to do (I still have the Metzelers), and is there a minimum tread depth at which they should be replaced? Help on this simple matter would be much appreciated.

There will be a tread wear indicator (TWI) on the tyres, it shows as several 'lumps' of rubber within the tread groves...spin the wheel slowly to spot them. When the actual tread depth reaches the TWI (i.e. it level with it/them) then the tyre is at the minimum recommended and should be changed. I'm not sure if the TWI is actually the legal minimum tread depth as well...anyone confirm this?

You may find however that the tyres square off and you'll feel the diffrence as you tip into corners. Where before it was even and smooth the squaring will feel like not much lean then a lot, it's not so smooth. Different tyres/compounds square and wear at different rates. Read through the archives and below for more info.

16/08/00 - ANOTHER UPDATE ON AVON AZAROS FROM DAVE - Thanks Dave (dave_turner@cableinet.co.uk) ...

Further to my last update of 7/8/00 I now have the rear replacement fitted due to the appearance of a crack on the original.

This was not without incident however as the "Manager" of the tyre depot wanted to charge me for a new tyre. WHATTTT! 1 week 380 miles and a crack from one side to the other. He argued.... I won!

For the record I have used 1mm in 450 miles on the first defective rear, this will give a total milage from new of about 1500 miles.

Provided there are no further problems I'll go for the more sensible Sport version next time. Super Sports have superb grip though! I'll keep you posted.
with only 1500 miles in them they better had! 

07/08/00 - UPDATE ON AVON AZARO'S - Dave (dave_turner@cableinet.co.uk) sends us this update on his new tyres....

Update...see thread 430 (in the Forum) and Tyre section. At 380 miles cracks have appeared in the rear tyre. The dealer is ordering a replacement. Annoying and a bit
worrying as they were just coming good too!

04/08/00 - MORE ON THE MCN TYRE REPORT RECENTLY - A For Sale in the Tyre section? Dave (dave_turner@cableinet.co.uk) explains....

Did you read the Motor Cycle News report on tyres, 19th July? The tests used two riders one 10st (140lb) the other 15st (210lb).

The tests were:
Straight-line stability
Corner stability
Direction change
Corner grip
Overbanding stability

The outcome was:
1st Avon Azaro II (AV39/40) with 98%
2nd Michelin Pilot Sport with 95%
3rd Bridgestone B010 with 93%
4th Dunlop D207 with 92%
5th Pirelli Dragon Evo MTR 21/22 with 92%
6th Metzeler MEZ3 with 91%
7th Continental Contiforce 72%

I decided to get some Avon Azaros. I was not very confident of the ME4s, they are a bit too hard for my type of riding. I live in Gloucestershire (UK) we have quite twisty roads in generally crap condition. My rides tend to be short but fast. Decided to buy 'em to see if it was me bottling out, or the ME4s.

I got AV39/AV40 Supersports (the stickiest), in for a penny, in for a pound! (189.00 fitted)

Suitabiliy depends on your riding style. I don't expect them to last too long 2-3K miles, and I don't expect them to work well in the wet either.

In the first 100 miles I noticed the following:

Initially I found the bike wanted to tip more easily, probably the case with all new unsquared tyres. The ME4s had done 2500 miles and the rear was about half worn. First difference noticed was braking seemed better, the front didn't seem to "slip" over the surface, it seemed to dig in. I had a go at going around a roundabout until I was dizzy and they certainly are more sticky. They give me more confidence on regular cornering too.

In the next 150 miles I was a bit more adventurous with more exuberant cornering. They brought a smile to my face, I can't fault them, they stick like glue!

To get better results I will need to get better!

"Its horses for courses though" The ME4s are a good standard choice.

For Sale - Pair of ME4s half worn. Rear 5mm edge, 4mm centre, 50.00 buyer collects.

I guess this says it all!

25/07/00 - AVON TYRE INFO - Thanks Tony (TonyStorer@grassmere99.freeserve.co.uk)...

Have done 6000m on my Mez4 rear and need a replacement, i'm fitting an Avon AV36A.

Saw the article in MCN (19-7-00) where various tyres were tested on SV650S. Winner was Avon Azaro 2. Spoke to Avon who recommend (for road use) the AV36A on the rear and AV35 front or AV27 front if you do a lot of wet weather riding (UK!).

Also look at this site http://pixie.simplenet.com/motorcycles/Tyres a very good site which seems to confirm the above. Hope this is of interest to those considering a change from the Mez4.

20/07/00 - MCN TYRE TEST USING THE SV - Thanks to both Gareth (Gareth.Sylvester@compaq.com) and Dave (dave_turner@cableinet.co.uk) for sending the following information in to me...

Having just bought the new MCN, I would like to draw every SV owners attention to the tyre tests they have recently performed. The reason why is that they have used the SV as a test model.

In Short they tested 7 sets of tyres and this is how they were rated.

Avon Azaro II - 98%
Continenal Force - 72%
Bridgestone BT010 - 93%
Dunlop D207 - 92%
Michelin Pilot Sport - 95%
Metzeler MEZ3 - 91%
Pirelli Dragon Evo - 92%

The thing that has puzzled me however is that for all the tyres they recommend that the tyre pressures are HIGHER than given by Suzuki for the Standard Metz'z MEZ4.

12/07/00 - XPEDIA TYRES WEBSITE - Steve (steve.james@vten.co.uk) says...

Xpedia Tyres are the official supplier of Bridgestone motorcycle racing tyres in the UK. 

I look after the website for Xpedia (http://www.xpediatyre.co.uk) and I would be happy if we could exchange links. And I'm happy to do just that....it's been added to the links section today.

22/06/00 - BRIDGESTONE BT010 PROBLEMS - Richard (richard@eglington.freeserve.co.uk) is having problems with his BT010's...

I don't know how many people have had these fitted, but I got a pair about a month ago, and apart from nearly ending up in the middle of a roundabout the day I got 'em (the old Metz's had done nearly 5000 miles, and were practically worn flat) I've been having a slight problem with grip.

The tyres are nicely scrubbed in, but when cornering it feels as though the rear is trying to break away. I don't know if it might be something I can fix with the suspension, but since I've got a couple of track days coming up I'd like to get it sorted before I spread self and bike all over the scenery at Cadwell Park.

Anyone got any ideas? 

05/06/00 - MORE INFO ON BRIDGESTONE TYRES - Thanks Pat (des105@webhart.net) for the clarification..

Good info provided however from what I got from Bridgestone the BT56SS is not being replaced by anything. I said the BT56 was being replaced by the BT010, looks like I should have said the BT56R and not included the ultra sticky BT56SS as well.. 

His e-mail follows;

"The BT020 is a sport touring tire that is replacing the BT54. 

The BT56 SS is our highest performance tire, for the supersport type rider, draging knees in the canyons backroads etc. The BT010 is the new sport radial and is replacing the BT57. Several magazine editors have commented that they think the BT010 is as high performance as the BT56 SS. The BT010 has improved handling and grip level at the same time. 

Kevin Hunley 
Motorcycle/Kart Dept"

Myself, I just ordered BT010's, I'll let you know how they do. 
please do!

02/06/00 - BT010's DO REPLACE BT56's & BT57's - Thanks for the good info Daz (Darren.Lough@rbs.co.uk)...

I was speaking to the technical team at Bridgestone about problems with my BT56 not lasting very long (2,500 miles as opposed to 8,000 from the last one). The BT010 does replace both the BT56 and the BT57. The BT020 is their Sports Touring tyre. I just fitted a pair of 010's to my bike yesterday, and I can highly recommend them. They heat up very quick, but offer about 90% of their grip from cold. Plenty of grip, plenty of feedback = lots of confidence.

I don't have an SV by the way, I own a Fazer, but my mate John has an SVS (Twin Swona Cans) which I ride now and again. He just got BT56's fitted and the difference over the Metzlers is amazing. It's transformed the bike. 

23/05/00 - REPLY TO TYRE EDGE WEAR QUESTION - Hello Jock (jock.addison@dial.pipex.com ), good to hear from you again...

I saw the question from Amir and thought I would pass on my thoughts. 

There are a couple of reasons that it is difficult to get the tyres on the SV scrubbed to the edge: firstly the profile of the tyres is very rounded compared to some bikes and this means you would have to lean over a very long way to get the edge scrubbed. If you compare the angle you are leaning to scrub your tyres to the point they are at, with the angle required on some of the larger bikes to scrub the whole width of the tyre, you may find there is not much difference.

The second problem is with the tyres, unless you can get them very hot (not an activity that is aided by British weather!) they don't offer the grip (or at least that is the way they felt to me) needed to get the pegs down on an SVS (the unfaired bike has lower pegs that you can supposedly deck out on the stock tyres).

I have changed my tyres to Pirelli Dragon EVOs that I feel suit the bike well, but I still have not managed to get them to the edge ( <1cm) and sadly not dragged the pegs (the front slides when they are about 1/2 inch from the ground). Anybody managed to scrape the pegs on an SVS and if so what tyres are you on?

21/05/00 - BRIDGESTONE BT57 TYRE - Chad (tia@nb.aibn.com) says...

I see you've made some changes to your site. It should make it easier for people to find what they're looking for but I will continue to read everything I can about the SV. 

I recently installed a Bridgestone Battalax BT57 rear tire and am happy with its performance. Turn in was much improved compared with the squared off MEZ4. I spend 90% of my time commuting so I gave up the extra grip from the BT56 for the higher mileage of the BT57. My Metzler was severely squared off and down to the wear bars at 10,500 kms. Does that seem like average mileage? I'd say so..

Some people told me to mount the same rear tire to match the front but it would have cost $230 for the MEZ4 compared with $135 Canadian which I paid for the BT57. They are now replaced with the BT010 so that helped with the lower price. For anyone looking for a good performing, well priced tyre with excellent wet weather traction, I recommend the BT57 or newer BT010. For those of you seeking ultimate grip in the corners with less mileage, I'm told the BT56SS, which my friend mounted on his CBR600F4, is hard to beat. The BT56 rear on my SVS is now at the tread wear indicators after 4500 miles with no burnouts and hardly any rear wheel spinning/sliding. My next tyre will be the BT010 I think. I loved the feel of the BT56 when new but as it squared off it felt just like the METZ when tipping into corners i.e. nothing then, as it reaches the squared of edge, fell in quickly. The usual trade off between grip and wear...

Thanks for having a place for SV riders to learn more about their bikes
(my pleasure.....most of the time!)